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Skillstube for tacit knowledge

Skillstube is an extension or multiplier of the Skillsbank project (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science: Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation 2011-1-1-NO1-LEO05-03275). Skillsbank is a web based toolkit using ECVET principles to structure LOs into matrixes of qualifications. Skillsbank targets career guidance, recognition of prior learning and individual training support. Skillstube will also be linked to YOMTOOL (NTI-MMM:  Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation 2011-1-N01LEOOS-03276) which is a mobility toolbox integrating ECVET approaches. 

The context of the Skillstube project is the implementation of the ECVET principles of precise descriptions of Learning Outcomes (LOs) structured into units. Even though descriptions of LOs are highly precise through differentiating them into specifications of Competences, Knowledge and Skills, this form of competence documentation may, however, still fail to capture tacit knowledge – knowledge that cannot be correctly documented through verbal articulation or written descriptions. A better alternative to document such competences and skills is through practical performance. As there can be a distinction between competences that can be fully described by verbal means, and competences that can only be fully documented through illustration, video recordings of practical performances of skills can serve as a valuable tool to document tacit knowledge.

With Skillstube and Skillsbank a range of services and options are available for an early identification of an individuals’ skills and competences, including tacit knowledge:

  •          Effective procedures and principles for video documentation of vocationally oriented performance
  •         A system where skills related practical performance recorded as video clips are linked to matrixes of LOs in an ECVET format
  •         Documentation of an individual’s tacit knowledge through the video recordings         A growing library of recordings of best practice examples
  •         Procedures and tools for the recognition of prior learning, including non- and informally acquired skills and competences
  •         Options for multilingual access to qualifications, facilitating the RPL for migrants and refugees
  •          A system where individualised recordings can be linked to certificates and CVs

Implemented in an international sector organisation for painting (UNIEP) and consequently linked to the European umbrella organisation of SMEs and crafts (UEAPME), the project will have a very strong basis. This relates partly to the strength and relevance of the partner organisations and their operational environment, partly to the dissemination potential where marginalised groups can be assessed 

For a quick look at the Skillstube summary - check and print: here,  Download the Skillstube Flyer 

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